Confessions of a born-again folkie …

Those who attended the National Folk Festival with the Club will probably know I was not overly enthusiastic about going, even though Kay goes whenever she can.

But that’s all behind me now!

At the designated hour on Good Friday, a good contingent of Club Morris Minors met at the gates to EPIC. Once we had our passes and concrete barriers were removed we passed into the main arena to our display area. The organisers had erected a substantial “tent” to provide shelter for us and we were at liberty to participate in all the Festival had to offer.

Now I always thought the price of tickets were a touch over the top, it must be a trace of my Scottish ancestry or having lived too close to the Yorkshire border. Well brass is brass. Despite Kay’s attempts to educate me I failed to see how you could justify the cost. Well I don’t admit it very often (if at all) but I was wrong!

The Festival offers a myriad of class acts and the main problem is one of choice.

I was lucky I had Kay as a guide. Fancy walking into a marquee and seeing a chap playing an accordion. I nearly walked out but no he put that down and went on to entertain with old folk songs accompanied by a guitar. I learnt not to judge performances too early and I was thoroughly entertained by a brilliant performance by a Canadian singer dancer fiddle player WOW! Then there was the brass band, comedians and the list goes on. I was so well entertained I missed out on coffees and sampling the various food venues.

So in summary, what was going to be me dropping Kay off ended with me being there whenever I could. Of special mention was one of the promotional items where two non-musicians were taught to play instruments by two mentors. Sebastian (Director of the Festival) was one of them. They must have great teaching ability as the two guinea pigs astounded me with what they had managed to learn within ten weeks.

My thanks go to the Festival Committee for inviting the Club to display our cars (which attracted a lot of attention) and for allowing us free entry to the full event and also to David for organising our end of things.

Just so they know … they have a convert and I will happily accompany Kay to the festival in future. It is a pity the event clashes with the National Morris Minor Rallies which, of course, means we can only attend every second year.

Gerry Walker