2012 Marques in the Park

A very pleasing turn up of members and their cars at Shannons 2012 Marques in the Park at John Knight Park in Belconnen.

Marques set its usual casual tone, with estimates of the roll-up of cars at a shade under 700 cars, so it was definitely the place to be for motoring enthusiasts.

A number of firsts, a first outing for our robust new gazebo bought to replace the one that the brisk Lake Burley Griffin sirocco destroyed during the Battle of Waterloo and a first outing for Blackie in his new livery, no longer black in colour, but still the same old Blackie underneath.

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Good numbers at AGM

A good attendance at the club’s AGM at Shannons’ Fyshwick augurs well for the club during the coming year.

Despite the absence overseas of a number of staunch members, a quorum was easily achieved and the evening’s business was speedily transacted.

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Brrrr…Battle of Waterloo

The first Battle of Waterloo occurred on Sunday 18 June 1815 in a place far from a yet to be conceived Canberra.  That day did not end well for the French with Napolean’s defeat at the hands of the British and a few allies spelling the start of the end to an erstwhile promising political career.

Jump forward 197 years to a place much closer to home and the French fall short of the mark (or should that be ‘marque’) once again.  The annual Canberra classic car community’s ‘re-enactment’ of the earlier Anglo-French stoush on the chilly Rond Terraces saw the Brits once more come out on top (61 cars) of the Frogs (42 cars).  Third year in a row as it turns out.

Unlike the 1815 bust up, the 2012 ‘clash’ was a more genteel and civil affair with everyone enjoying an eclectic display of auto finery.

That said, the day was not without its high drama.  First the gas bottle turned out to be ‘sans gaz’ (Hm, yes! it must have been the last gazp when the bottle was given a pre-departure check). The ever reliable Brian and Heather combination called in reinforcements in the form of a butane stove that applied heat to the nether regions of Billy with good effect.  It wasn’t too long before David’s very hearty and satisfying missionary soup was working its wonders on the shivering classes.

Unfortunately the gazebo succumbed to the wind and had to be retired hurt.  With several Morries for shelter against the elements and warm friendships a plenty we soldiered on to the finish.  A quick photo shoot against the backdrop of the lake and it was time to retire to barracks.

Thanks to the French clubs for organising a pleasant outing and the chance to get some Morries (and a few others) onto the field.

Glenn Davidson