Good numbers at AGM

A good attendance at the club’s AGM at Shannons’ Fyshwick augurs well for the club during the coming year.

Despite the absence overseas of a number of staunch members, a quorum was easily achieved and the business of the evening was speedily transacted.

Here is the President’s report:

Annual report 2011-12

Once again it is a pleasure to be reporting on what has been a successful year for the Canberra Region Morris Minor Club.

Our membership numbers remain fairly constant with a small turnover in members. We continued the alternate dinner/monthly meeting schedule during the year with some success. The dinner meetings continue to give us some outings to interesting venues both north and south and attendances have been maintained at around the dozen mark. Similarly, we have not had to abandon a club meeting for want of a quorum and this has been very pleasing.

This year has been marked by a number of good opportunities. Predictably enough, a highlight was being invited to take part with a display of cars at the National Folk Festival last Easter and meant that we had over a dozen cars on display from Friday to Sunday. However, this was but one event. Having Glenn come forward as events director meant that we had a dedicated and very creative mind given to the task. It has meant that we are taking our cars to more places, and it has also led to other cultural pursuits, a high point being the outing to Don Giovanni. We had a very interesting drive to Cooma Cottage at Yass for an engrossing explanation about the property; our trip to Bungendore for brunch via Captain’s Flat Road took us on a different path with an observation quiz en route and some of us revisited Collector to lunch at the Bushranger Hotel. The club was well represented at Marques in the Park, at the newly changed venue for Wheels at Thoroughbred Park and braved a breezy Battle of Waterloo.

In terms of promotion, our tear drop banners continue to assist keep our visibility high when we park our cars for any length of time. The death of my laptop and a conveniently timed new business venture by a former colleague provided the stimulus for the long-overdue redesign of the club website. The new site uses shareware. This means that we are not dependent on software licensing, and that a number of members could conceivably be responsible for individual sections of the site. It also means it can be updated at anytime using any medium, including from a smartphone should one have the need.

On the committee front we have continued to meet as a committee regularly and to work together consultatively. The creation of the membership officer position has been a very useful one. Peter continues to offer support to new and old members alike. But he is also assisted without any formal arrangement by a number of others, who give their time freely and generously.

We had a cause for minor concern in that our usual auditor departed these shores for Hong Kong and, despite a very generous offer from Sue our treasurer to fly to Hong Kong for the audit, we were able to come up with a cheaper alternative. I want to record the club’s thanks to Imran Pasha for taking on this role which, under the rules governing associations in the ACT, is an honorary role. He completed the audit in very smart time and in a very thorough fashion. And thanks too here for the diligence of Sue who presented the club accounts in very good shape. At some stage in the future, Imran is keen to come for a ride in a Morris Minor, so we will need to find a suitable occasion. It may well be a change from his Civic-R in several respects!

This brings me to some of the other formalities we maintain to ensure that our members have the benefits of the highest levels of protection. We comply with and fulfill all the requirements of an incorporated association in the ACT, we maintain full public liability insurance to protect members and we pay our affiliation fees to the ACT Council of Motor Clubs on time to ensure that members with cars on the Concessional Registration Scheme are covered under the scheme’s provisions.

I want to welcome new members to the club this year. I hope that you will enjoy the fellowship and support of the club for many years and that your involvement is rich and rewarding. Once again, I want to thank the members of the committee for their attention and attendance during this year, in particular, mentioning the steadfast service that Gerry Walker has given to the club as secretary again as well as representing us at the ACT Council. In that context, I would like to highlight the fact that Gerry has served the council as assistant secretary.

Thanks to you all for this year, I have again enjoyed being a part of the club. I look forward to taking part in many more activities with the club in the coming year, and to getting back into the garage and working on my project.

David Moncrieff