How it was built

The changing face of my Yellow Convertible Kustom, from Original Grey rusty stocker to one of the most recognised Morris Minors in Australia.

Yellow Convertible KustomGrey Stocker, it was a shame that it had really bad rust in the floor which was covered up with a bad set of replacement floor pans.

Tip for the novice: check that the replacement floors look the same from above as well as below (lift the carpets up before handing over $$$) At least it’s a genuine Convertible.

Yellow Convertible KustomVery bright yellow, Colour is 80% bright yellow tinter, 20% mid yellow tinter all painted over a white base coat. I won’t be doing that again, The yellow has faded and is now impossible to colour match.

Yellow Convertible KustomSee what happens when some one dares you to do something different (it was starting to look like a restored morrie), Some candy orange on the bonnet saved the day. (for a little while, 4 weeks)

Yellow Convertible Kustom5 days before Summernats 16 (Australia’s biggest modified car show) I decided that some more colour was needed down the sides.

Yellow Convertible KustomFor one more change I decided to re do the scollops on the bonnet and run the colour all the way across the front, I stuffed up the colour matching, so the front appears darker than the sides. The trophy on the bonnet is Summernats17 show & shine “Most Surprising Car”

The original engine looking good, 950 cc. Inch & a half  SU Carbie. It did have a ribbed case gearbox. I put Morris Major brakes under it (not that it went that quick) After 2 BIG trips for the original engine, 1 to Johns rod & Kustom Picnic in Melbourne and then the next weekend to the Bright Rod run (total of about 3000 Kl in 2 weeks) I was putting more oil in it than petrol. time for a heart transplant.

Datsun 1400 GX with twin carbies, 4 speed gear box. The engine is now 8 years old, since putting in new rings & bearings, it has never used a drop of oil, even though I give it a flogging nearly every time I drive it. And boy does it get driven, this is no show pony, it has been my daily driver for 9 years, and has been to Qld for the Wintersun event in 2000 &2005 towing a trailer, Yearly trips to Bright in VIC for the Bright Rod Run (8 years in a row)

Floor of boot lowered (no spare tyre), Fuel filler inside of boot (external breather fitted), 6 stack CD, fire extinguisher, ported box for sub under stacker with upholstered cover panel and Gas bottle with lines for the exhaust mounter Flame Thrower.

Peaked head lights, I used the surrounds from a Ford Zephyr / Austin Cambridge and built up the front of the guard to match

Switches moved to use a normal type starter switch. I made the 13″ steering wheel using the original centre, Stereo mounted behind the glove box.

10″ Sub and 4 channel amp mounted behind the rear seat

1957 Chev rocket mounted as the bonnet emblem.

Harley Davidson “passing lamps” mounted on the cowl to look like Appleton spot lights (1950′s kustom look)

The engine bay stripped out, the black paint was a tar type sealer and it was covering a heap of repairs especially around the shock absorber mounts.

Base coat of white paint, lots of holes filled.

Yellow laid down and time for the engine to go in